About me

Portrait of smiling young business man working on digital tablet with executives in background

My name is Mikel and I live in a quaint city of nothern Spain called Pamplona. I work as a Power Electronics Engineer in the renewable energy field since 2005 so, blogging (and playing around with arduino) are only some of my hobbies.I started doing small projects with arduino about a year ago and it wasn’t until now (thanks to my beloved sister Ane) when I convinced myself to take the leap and create a blog to share them.

What it is to expect from this blog?

I will explain, as carefully as I can, how I got to develop the posted devices. The blog is meant to be an outlet of the know-how I acquire on the matter and why not, a kind of Bitácora to avoid forgetting some details and the reasons that lead me to do certain things. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest news!